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Available Workshops 

• Traverse Transverse: Technique for Side Rolls
• Thighs, Hips & Hitches: Single to Double Fabric Flows
• Crazy Legs: Fancy Footwork & Climbs
• Slow Flow: Fluid & Juicy Hammock Sequences 

• Breaking into the Biz: Show Business Professionalism
• Sports Nutrition: Fuel for Flight
• Shoulder Integrity: Upper Body Injury Prevention
• Hip Integrity: Lower Body Injury Prevention
• Core Connectivity: Pelvic Floor to Diaphragm Core Connections


Thighs, Hips & Hitches
San Marcos, CA

Shoulder Integrity: IP
Woman & Bowman Retreat, @MomentomColletive
San Marcos, Guatemala

Traverse Transverse
San Marcos, CA



All workshops are 2 hours in length. Promotion on SoulFly Life's Social Media.
Movement tools such as therabands, monster bands, lacrosse balls provided. White board/presentation tools/take home pamphlets & PDF’s utilized for maximum student retention. 
Teaching Insured. ACE Member. 

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Prepare for your Workshop

For air based workshops, be sure to bring plenty of water & wear clothes that will not get caught or slip.  SoulFly Life is fine with videoing per studio's approval, so long as used per student's training only. 
For ground based workshops a pen & paper are encouraged.