Faegann is the most genuine & determined aerial instructor I have ever met! She has so much knowledge to give & is so down-to-earth. You will always walk away feeling enlightened after any interaction with Faegann.
— Amarah, Violin Aerialist

Faegann walks side by side with her clients on the road to transformation. She pays close attention to their individual needs & always seeks customized solutions.
— Meghan, Photographer

To me, what made SoulFly’s programs stand out was how above and beyond Faegann went to make sure all was going as best as possible. Faegann acts a nutritionist, coach & general life motivator.
— Sarah, Professional Circus Performer

I marvel at the care & focus you are able to attend to another person’s body.
— Zoe, Professional Aerialist

A problem I literally had been trying to fix for 2 years, she found & resolved in one session.
— Jennie, World International Strongwoman Champion

I suffered nerve pain for several years from playin violin before I met Faegann. She found the route of the problem, which was far different than anyone addressed prior. She guided me back to playing the violin & my circus journey, physically & spiritually. Thank you Faegann!
— Amarah, Violin Aerialist

I felt cherished in her hands.
— Bob, Retired Marine

You know when you’ve met someone & you think,
”this is what this person is supposed to be doing with their life?!”
That’s how I feel about Faegann.
— Jenna, San Diego