Structural & Parasympathetic





Time listed is actual hands on time.
*All sessions include:

  • 10 minute consultation

  • 15 minutes after care integration

Please allow for this extra 25 minutes.  Please be mindful there is likely a session prior to / after your scheduled appointment.  We appreciate your awareness & care to your own appointment as well as others. Thank you. *Fix on the Fly total appt time is 20 minutes.


Bodywork Appts Available Mon-Sat.
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SoulFly Signature Service

80 MINUTES $125 • 120 MINUTES $180

Infusing soft tissue (connective fascia) & deep tissue, this therapeutic bodywork utilizes a parasympathetic approach to calm the central nervous system; allowing for deeper integration of relaxation & re-education. Addressing your most current concerns in relation to your bodies history, modailities such as cupping, gua sha, A.R.T., hot stones, aromatherapy, herbal analgesics & kineso taping may be included as needed. You are sure to feel the very detail and care in decoding your bodies messages for health and healing. 

Focused Tune Up + Follow Up


You know your problem areas. Massage maintenance makes a surmountable difference yet you need the extra edge for long-lasting recovery. Our monthly maintenance program is just for you. Ensure you stay on top of those sneaky spots by a monthly proprioception reminder for release and relaxation through focused + intentional bodywork. Followed by a custom rehabilitation program to reinforce the re-education & activations necessary to continuing cuing your body for ultimate alignment and success. 

*Fix on the Fly

20 MINUTES $45 

Incorporating orthopedic testing, soft tissue manipulation: (ART), IATSM (gua sha), voodoo floss, cupping, cryo-massage, Kinesio Taping & Corrective Movement Exercises, to address any injury, compensation pattern or pain symptoms for those tight on time.  SoulFly Wellness will get you in and out, with the utmost attention & care to get you back on track doing what you love. 

Energetic Decompression 

50 MINUTES $85 • 80 MINUTES $125

Long strokes & calm-inducing circular motions are used to destress the central nervous system, while boosting the circulatory allowing the muscles to unwind naturally. Your customized session may include the following styles: Swedish, Ayurvedic & Lomi Lomi. Analgesics, hot stones and custom aromatherapy are included upon bodies needs.

Russian Recovery - Sports Massage

50 MINUTES $85 • 80 MINUTES $145 (herb Compress)

Infusing the incredible benefits of traditional Russian sports massage designed for pre-exercise as well as post-training with the sports massage of the South East of Thailand.  Fast, vigorous movements stimulate circulation, encouraging fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area, while eliminating lactic acid build up and metabolic waste s. The longer 80min session incorporates traditional herbal compresses designed to soothe aching muscles with boosting blood flow.  Both a deeply relaxing and invigorating treatment.   

Mayan Abdominal Massage

50 MINUTES $85 • 80 MINUTES $125

Incorporating traditional Mayan Abdominal with Chinese Hara massage, ancient medicines provide deeper understanding and relief to organ health. From lack of circulation to scar tissue, it is incredibly common in our culture for our digestive & abdominal cavities to be distressed. If you suffer from GI issues, women's health / hormone / womb abnormalities, or low back pain this massage is for you. Highly recommended to be performed in a series of 3 treatments, a few days apart.

Energy Work

50 MINUTES $85 

Invoking the power of guided meditation / yoga nidra in to dive deep into a state of subconscious theta state; profound healing and protection is provided by Usui Reiki.  Breathwork & light craniosacral work may be infused to illicit movement of subtle body energies.    

Intent Based - Bodywork

120 MINUTES $180 

For those seeking deep change on structural and subconscious levels.  Ceremony begins with clear communications on ones current state, as well as their visions & needs for manifested shifts moving forward.  Space is created & held by Elemental Prayer, Usui Reiki & intentional hapé to promote internal depth & connection to self & Source.  Through guidance of meditation / yoga nidra & breathwork submerged layers of subconscious restrictions are accessed, allowing one to more authentically receive structural integration, joining the subtle & physical bodies.