Spiritual Healing In Intentional Safe Space
Be held, Heard & SeeN
2+ Hours | $200

sacred space.jpeg

Sacred Space Healing is SoulFly’s Sweetest Speciality. Your healing time begins by dropping in deeply into your intentions; be it cultivation or release. Ceremonial smudge cleansing & protective tobacco & rapé blessings are then offered to ground into alignment with your intentions. Therapeutic touch, working with the fascia & the nervous system - the science supported physical realms that contain our psychosomatic holdings & aptitude for change - is the hands on soma anchor of the service. ThethaHealing, Reiki, breathwork, vocal toning, rattles, drums, feather fans, song, essential oils & poultices may be used. Allow yourself the space & permission to work through transmutations in a safe, sacred container; being seen, heard & held.