Fuel For Flight: A Sports Nutrition Workshop

Crafted for bodyweight based athletes: acrobats, aerialists, circus artists, gymnasts, yogis & rock climbers.
We determine how to properly fuel for your specific physical endeavor and get the intake you need for the output you give. Never underestimate nutritional education as a incredibly valuable investment towards your time & goals in your sport! 

Workshop Length: 2hrs


the RESET cleanse: 3 days to a new you

A 3 day cleanse focused on the bodies prime eliminatory systems; colon, lymphatics, lungs & skin.
Eliminating toxins efficiently allows energy levels to sky rocket, immunity to strengthen & clarity of mind; embodied.
Includes 3 meal recipes / day, 3 lymph moving workouts, 3 detox drinks & 3 home remedies.
Kick lethargy to the curb, feeling fresh and revived through the RESET cleanse today.


Macro Coaching: Accelerate Your Goals

Working with macros is like hitting the jackpot. It's the gold to life that makes physical goal setting obtainable. 
With our Macro Coaching here at SoulFly we work with you one on one, to ensure you are hitting the desired gains / losses, learning along the way about weaving nutrient needs to both a science and an art. Included is a metabolic profile of energy expenditure & caloric needs per training & non-training day. A full macro breakdown provided per meal, everyday.

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Femme Fettle: Women’s Phase Training

The four stages of the female menstruation cycle impact your energy levels, moods, mental & physical performance.
In this 28day online course you'll decode the mysteries of the menses stages & how to work with your bodies natural rhythms. From macros & workouts, to the moon & her wisdom, you'll receive 28days of material all online to be taken at any time. 
Learn the ebbs and flows of the moon, her effects on your hormones, and how to effectively train & support your cycle.

Client Testimonials

 "Faegann walks side by side with her clients on the road to transformation.
She pays close attention to the to the individual needs of her clients & always seeks out customized solutions."
~ Meghan M.

"To me, what made SoulFly programs stand out was how above & beyond Faegann went to make sure all was going as best possible.
Faegann acts as a nutritionist, a coach & a general life motivator."
~ Sarah S.

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