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Meditation is the cognitive space in which we are truly free.

A witness to the experiences of life, hear it’s subtle intuits & find peace in the spaces between.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation, scientifically designed to lengthen the space experienced just before sleep - the deep theta realm of the subconscious. It is in this space our body & mind supports the parasympathetic system allowing for physical restoration, stress management, mood regulation, digestive support, enhanced learning & memory capabilities, sleep-pattern rebalancing & cognitive behavioral changes. It is an incredibly powerful tool for all; groups or solo, for ultimate renewal & intention manifestation.


SHamanic GUIDED Journey

Trained under the lineage of Sandra Ingerman's teachings, Shamanic Journey work may include meditations to the upper worlds of our guides & angels, to our lower world of power animals, or Soul Retrieval to call back aspects of our soul that may have been fragmented. Faegann will guide you into a Theta subconscious state through drum & voice, where the soul can connect & uncover powerful messages that may assist or support one in our everyday realm.