Energy Work

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
~ Carl Jung


Usui Reiki

Connecting with the teachings of traditional Usui Reiki; unconditional love is sourced and poured through healing hands. "Rei" meaning Universal & "ki" meaning energy, it is scientifically shown to induce a theta brainwave alleviating pain, increasing deep relaxation; reducing stress, chronic pain, anxiety & depression - now even being included in various hospital rehab programs. Reiki is wonderful ally for physical, emotional & mental discomfort.



ThetaHealing is a meditation technique used to access Theta Brainwave state, reducing pain, increasing deep relaxation, mental clarity, creativity & inspiration. Theta is the subconscious, where emotions, behaviors & beliefs are stored. Through ThetaHealing both the Practitioner & client achieve Theta state to access, release and call in what we wish to work with that may be showing up in our everyday life.

shamanic drum.jpg

SHamanic GUIDED Journey

Trained under the lineage of Sandra Ingerman's teachings, Shamanic Journey work may include meditations to the upper worlds of our guides & angels, to our lower world of power animals, or Soul Retrieval to call back aspects of our soul that may have been fragmented. Faegann will guide you into a Theta subconscious state through drum & voice, where the soul can connect & uncover powerful messages that may assist or support one in our everyday realm.