Faegann Harlow brings near 20 years of licensed & practicing bodywork to the proverbial table...or true massage table in this case!

From providing bodywork treatments in 5 Star Hospitality Resorts to working in Sports Rehabilitation Clinics,

she has studied internationally the depths of structural & sports based bodywork as well as cultural holistic therapies,

bringing an eclectic blend of modalities to the kinesthetically and energetically aware; to heighten their overall wellness to it's optimal capabilities. 


SoulFLY’s Signature Service

Incorporating soft tissue (fascia) & deep tissue (muscular) therapeutic styles with a nurturing calmative approach of the parasympathetic (nervous) system; Faegann listens to your most current concerns in relation to your bodies history. Traditional Chinese Medicine fire cupping, gua sha, hot stones, aromatherapy, herbal analgesics, A.R.T. & kineso taping included based upon your bodies needs. SoulFly Signature Service is the perfect blend of our Sports Treatment with the tender attention of time to allow for dropping in to the next level of relaxation & renewal. You are sure to feel every detail and care in decoding your bodies messages for health and healing.

75min $125 | 120min $175


Mayan WoMB | Pelvic Floor Release

Having studied under a 30 year Traditional Mayan Abdominal Midwife in the lands of Guatemala, Faegann incorporates womb massage with the pelvic floor work from Structural Integration, along with Chi Nei Tsang digestive massage. These powerful combinations address the foundation of our “core.” Tension, tenderness or trauma stored here may impact our daily functions: digestion, elimination & reproduction. Our core houses the energetics of our root of relaxation in a highly survivor based world, powerfully connects to our womb of conscious creation & our ability to assimilate our centered self in relations. All work is external of orifices.

50min $85 | 75min $125

Small Deep Tissue.jpg

StruCtural Integration

Structural Integration, aka The Rolf Method, is an advanced alignment based approach designed to systematically reveal compensation patterns held within the body that contribute to chronic pain, poor postural mechanics & altered bodily function. Over the course of Ida Rolf’s traditional 10 Sessions, through thorough musculoskeletal alignment analysis, hands on myofascial bodywork & instructional movement education, your body will be transformed into it’s natural state; a fluid sense of ease of movement & stature. Structural Integration works with the highest levels of pain science findings of: change occurs from proprioceptive stimulus to our nervous system.

120min | $150

Pool Shot - SM.jpeg

Russian Recovery Sports Massage

Infusions of traditional Russian & South East Thailand sports massage with specific techniques for pre / post-training.  Fast, vigorous movements stimulate circulation, encourage fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area, while eliminating lactic acid build up & metabolic waste. 80min session includes Thai herbal compress to soothe aching muscles; detoxifying blood & boosting flow.

50min $85 | 75min $145

Energetic Decompression

Long soothing strokes & calm-inducing circular motions are used to destress the parasympathetic nervous system, while boosting circulation, allowing muscles to relax. Our decompression session includes Swedish & Ayurvedic influences. Analgesics, hot stones & custom aromatherapy are available upon bodies needs. Heavenly hot towels for neck, back & feet included. The perfect way to unwind from any tension.

50min $85 | 75min $125

Fix on the Fly Sports Treatment

Fix on the Fly is a spot-specific treatment.
Ideal for plausible injury identification, addressing localized issues in the tissues, or nurturing that nagging discomfort from cumulative motion or postural exposure. Suggested to purchase a package for consistent care. Included is: orthopedic assessment, manual soft tissue techniques. A.R.T., gua sha, fire cupping, KT taping and corrective at home exercises to get you back to doing what you love best.

50min | $85


Bodywork Appts Available Mon - fri

  Hours of operations:

  • M/W: 2 - 8:30 pm

  • T/Th 12 - 6:30pm


Cancellations outside of the 24hr window of service time are not subject to fees. Cancellation within 24hrs of your appt time however is subject to 50% of the scheduled appointment service. Charges will be reflected towards payment on file.


SoulFly frequently provides healing modalities & workshops for retreats, ceremonial circles & events. Please contact if you are in need of conscious bodywork with intentional care.