Faegann Harlow brings near 20 years of licensed & practicing bodywork to the proverbial table...or true massage table in this case!

From providing bodywork treatments in 5 Star Hospitality Resorts to working in Sports Rehabilitation Clinics,

she has studied internationally both the depths of structural & sports based bodywork as well as cultural holistic therapies,

bringing an eclectic blend of modalities to the kinesthetically and energetically aware; to heighten their overall wellness to it's optimal capabilities. 


SoulFLY’s Signature Service

Incorporating soft tissue & deep tissue therapeutic styles with a calmative parasympathetic system approach; Faegann listens to your most current concerns in relation to your bodies history. Utilizing cupping, gua sha, hot stones, aromatherapy, herbal analgesics, A.R.T. & kineso taping - you are surely to feel the very detail and care in decoding your bodies messages for health and healing. 50min $85 |80min $125

Small Deep Tissue.jpg

Russian Recovery Sports Massage

Infusion of traditional Russian & South East Thailand sports massage, with intentions for pre / post-training.  Fast, vigorous movements stimulate circulation, encourage fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area, while eliminating lactic acid build up & metabolic waste. 80min session includes Thai herbal compress to soothe aching muscles; boosting blood flow. 
50min $85 | 80min $145

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Energetic Decompression

Long soothing strokes & calm-inducing circular motions are used to destress the parasympathetic nervous system, while boosting circulation, allowing muscles to relax. Your customized session may include the following styles: Swedish, Ayurvedic & Lomi Lomi. Analgesics, hot stones & custom aromatherapy are available upon bodies needs. The perfect way to unwind from any tension. 50min $85 | 80min $125



Time listed is actual hands on time.
*All sessions include:

  • 10 minute consultation

  • 15 minutes after care integration

Please allow for this extra 25 minutes. 
We appreciate your mindfulness of a likely session prior to / after your scheduled appointment.  Thank you. 

*Fix on the Fly total appt time is 30 minutes.

Bodywork Appts Available Tues - Sat.