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Upcoming Retreats & Workshops


Aerial silks workshops
july 2018

Come learn technique & theory in TWO of SoulFly Fitness' Aerial Silks Workshops; Traverse Transverse & Thighs, Hips & Hitches!  

SACRED ceremonies
oCt 2018

Join us just off a majestic site where mother ocean meets seaside cliffs, to sit in unison with beautifully sourced medicine, sacred song, & Sister Shamanistas. 

indonesian circus retreat
NOV 2018

SoulFly Life will be teaming up with Momentom Collective to offer aerial silk instruction, calisthenic boot camps, & more! Circus, Yoga, Surf - a convergence for the playful!

Fly Fitness

SoulFly Fitness offers group workshops & classes for retreats & studios, personalized ground & aerial fitness programming, as well as online technique tutorials, silk sequences & so much more via IGTV channel Soul_Fly_Life. 

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Bodywork & Wellness

With over 60 cumulative years as a holistic health & bodywork practitioner, a competitive/performing athlete and dedication to the health service industry, Faegann has a lifetime of education, expertise and a whole lot of heart to offer.  

Performance Art



Looking for wildly raw, organic and extreme art?

She lives in the sky, a starlit flame consumed with passion.

 - Aerial Acrobatics, Fire Dancing, Air Stunts -

SoulFly Life will surely elevate your event as a memory locked in time!



Holistic & Sports Nutrition

Whether seeking guidance on the whole foods lifestyle, deep detoxification for holistic healing, female phase training & hormonal communications, or full macro & meal planning - SoulFly Nourish has your best health and goals in good hands.


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